Children's Committee

Members help in organizing events and soliciting donations for programs to help the hospital's youngest patients.

Olivia L. busts a move on the dance floor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Prom

The Children's Committee organizes three major events in Pediatrics every year — the Halloween Party, the Holiday Celebration, and the Pediatric Prom. All of these events are designed to bring fun and cheer to the hospital's youngest patients. 

In preparation for the Halloween Party, the committee runs a costume drive. This year, we are asking that Committee members and supporters make donations towards costumes, accessories, and candy by making online contributions. Click here to contribute to our Halloween Celebration.

Patients and their families select from the hundreds of costumes donated. They trick-or-treat throughout the hospital, stopping at nurses' stations and reception desks, stocked with candy donated through The Society, to fill their candy bags. The playroom and the exam rooms in the Pediatric Day Hospital are decorated for the occasion, and the Committee hires a magician to add mystery and wonder to the festivities.

The Holiday Celebration in Pediatrics is a joyful event. The Children's Committee secures donations from companies and individuals of products for our holiday gift bags. Members of the committee then stuff nearly 300 holiday gift bags filled with donated toys, pjs, DVDs, and more. Santa visits Pediatrics to hand out the overflowing gift bags. Each child has the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap as they are handed a gift bag. It is wonderful to see each child delight in his or her holiday surprises. One of the greatest fears for many of our youngest patients is wondering how Santa will know they are not at home and how he will deliver presents to the hospital. This gift bag drive helps to put our youngest patients minds at ease. Click here to contribute to the Holiday Gift Bags.

The Pediatric Prom is the most eagerly anticipated event for our pediatric patients. Everyone attends, from toddlers to teens and young adults, making it truly a unique Prom experience. You can contribute to Promingdale’s by shopping online through the Prom Wish List.

The Children's Committee also provides funds other pediatric events throughout the year, including Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, and Thanksgiving parties, and assists with the purchase of toys as well as urgent care needs for patients, such as cotton pajama sets. The committee keeps the Treasure Chest stocked with the latest treasures including Legos, Play-Doh, and coloring books. The Child Life staff in the Department of Pediatrics hand out these toys and activities as needed to the patients as a distraction since our patients often times spend long days at the hospital. You can help fill the Treasure Chest with treasures by shopping online through the Treasure Chest Wish List.

All in-kind donations receive a tax acknowledgment letter by emailing us a copy of your invoice. You can find this in your Amazon account by selecting: Your Account; Your Orders; Invoice. Or simply send an email to with your name, address, and the amount you spent on your Wish List purchases.

Check out the news coverage below of a past Pediatric Prom.

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