Prom Wish List

The Children’s Committee looks forward each year to hosting the Annual Pediatric Prom at the end of May. We need your help in stocking up Promingdales — the Pediatric Day Hospital’s official prom boutique which opens in the playroom a few weeks prior to Prom and features all of the must-have items including dresses, tuxedos, jewelry, and makeup.

The Society for MSKCC Prom Night

Over twenty-five years ago, the prom began as an intimate dance party with one boom box. This was hosted by nurses who wanted to lift the spirits of a few teen girls who were upset to be missing their own prom because of their treatment and hospital stay. The Prom has transformed into the hit party of the year but has remained a special celebration of life and hope. It is the highlight of the year for the children and their families in the Department of Pediatrics at MSK.

You can help support the Pediatric Prom by shopping from our Wish List! All in-kind donations receive a tax acknowledgment letter by emailing us a copy of your invoice. You can find this in your Amazon account by selecting: Your Account; Your Orders; Invoice. Or simply send an email to with your name, address, and the amount you spent on your Wish List purchases.

Please shop from the following link: PEDIATRIC PROM WISH LIST