Precision Prevention at MSK

It is estimated that by 2020, two million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer and 30 percent of those diagnosed will die from it. With the help of The Society’s 2017–2018 Campaign, half of those deaths may be prevented in the future.

Society Campaign 2017-2018

Partner with us to help stop cancer before it starts.

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MSK’s Precision Prevention Program led by Luis Diaz, MD, is developing ways to tailor cancer prevention and early detection based on a person’s genetic, lifestyle, and environmental risk factors. We need to stop cancer before it begins, or to catch it at its earliest stages and give patients more hope for a cure.

The goal of precision prevention is to prevent cancer from ever occurring or to intercept it at its earliest stages, maximizing the chances of a cure. If developing cancers are caught before they become full blown, the possibility of cure is significantly higher — more than 80 percent.

We’ve now arrived at an inflection point — a moment that offers unique opportunities to build upon our discoveries, talent, and infrastructure — to make further, paradigm-changing scientific and clinical discoveries that will dramatically improve the lives of patients.

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