Getting Their Groove On: MSK’s Pediatric Patients Party at Prom

Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Prom 2015

Spring Prom, an annual tradition in MSK’s Department of Pediatrics, brings together our youngest patients, their family members, friends, and MSK staff to celebrate one of life’s important milestones. From teens, who may have had to miss their own prom due to cancer treatment, all the way down to toddlers, for whom this is a first-time affair, our youngest patients don their festive best to dance, eat, and party up a storm.

Thanks to the generosity of The Society of MSK’s Children’s Committee, we celebrated our 25th annual Spring Prom on May 28. Members of the committee secured donations of gowns, tuxedo T-shirts, makeup, and accessories for the specialty shop “Promingdale’s,” at which attendees could dress to the nines for the occasion. 

“Many of these children are going through rough treatments and difficult times,” said Farid Boulad, pediatric hematologic oncologist and medical director of MSK’s Pediatric Day Hospital. “But today none of that is seen. On this day, our little heroes are kings and queens. They are all smiles, radiant and glowing, inside and out.”