Fully Charged: Register for the Campaign that Gives Thanks to MSK Kids Frontline Workers

For 75 years, The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering has advanced life-changing care for people with cancer through its mission: to raise funds to support key initiatives in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment at MSK.
This year, The Society’s Associates Committee is thrilled to launch Fully Charged, an exciting fundraising endeavor inspired by the frontline staff at MSK Kids and their enduring commitment to caring for children with cancer.

For these frontline workers, keeping a phone charged is a necessity during long shifts in a high-pressure hospital environment. They urgently need portable sources to power up their phones during the COVID-19 pandemic — and stay connected to their loved ones.

The Society of MSK is recognizing their dedication to the fight against cancer with Fully Charged, which draws on Society families’ time-honored tradition of instilling a culture of philanthropy from one generation to the next.

We hope that you will join us in showing our thanks to MSK Kids frontline staff by registering today or donating to the campaign. For every $100 donated or raised by a child, family member, or friend of our Fully Charged campaign, a power bank cell phone charger will be provided to an MSK Kids frontline worker.



Fully Charged 2021

Additional funds raised will support critical research and patient care programs at MSK Kids. As Department of Pediatrics and Lila Acheson Wallace Chair Andrew Kung, MD, PhD, shares here, the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated temporarily closing many MSK labs and pausing numerous clinical trials last year. Funding that accelerates these programs and hastens progress to help cure kids with cancer is essential.

Register today for The Society of MSK’s Fully Charged campaign!

To learn more, please contact Ali Warlich at warlicha@mskcc.org.



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